St Georges, Bermuda 32:22.74N 064:40.22W

Sue & Alan
Tue 13 May 2014 21:43
We managed to continue sailing until just before about 8 o'clock yesterday evening then it was necessary to give-up and on with the donk and we stayed same all the way, 80Nm or so, into St Georges, where we checked-in before going on hook. We've been ashore. Without doubt Bermuda is one lovely place. Like many islands visited recently, the people are exceptionally friendly and warm towards visitors. We've been ashore for a walk and to suss-out bus ride to the capital tomorrow, Hamilton. First thing in the morning I'm off back to the hardware/chandlers shop because they have some small R134a refrigerant gas aerosol 'top-up' cans and I've worked-out how I can change fittings to enable us to use one. If I'm not correct it means getting from Hamilton to a refrigerant specialist, who has offered to sell me a 30lb (14kg) R134a bottle - a real big'un, which I would like to avoid having to store on the yacht.
In reflection, our passage from Virgin Gorda to Bermuda went very well, despite autopilot failure and some nasty squalls and some energetic close-hauling/reaching for couple of days. Without doubt, the 2 or 3 days sailing in light airs was just wonderful and relaxing under full sail, even genoa & main when winds were typically only 8 or 9kn and we were averaging 6kn speed. 6 days 4 hours is pretty good me thinks.
We are thinking we will be here in Bermuda for say 3 nights. Possible more if weather prospects stinks. At present there is a nasty looking Low forming to the E & N of Bermuda so we'll be watching this carefully because we don't want to start-off with any nasty/threatening conditions. We're ahead of our loose schedule and have lots of time in hand not to feel it's necessary to face poohey conditions so we'll see what's what over next few days.
We also flogged-clocks last night because it seems Bermuda had sprung forward. Hence we are now +3UT (3 hrs behind UT) and just 4 hours behind Gobbins UK time. Couple more hours to loose between here and Azores then.
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