Skala, Nisos Patmos 37:19.7N 26:32.6E

Sue & Alan
Wed 18 May 2016 15:49
I recall we did a whole 12NM between Arki & here ......... on the donk with little or no wind, arriving just after noon last Monday. When we approached the town quay we could see more than a dozen yachts berthed sides-to. They would have done this as best protection from the strong S'ly winds experienced the previous few days. We berthed sterns-to between a couple of them, knowing the wind was due to come from the NW and not wanting to become surrounded by later yachts berthing sterns-to over the next few days intending to be here. As it happened, t'was good decision because every time a ferry visits or nearby coastguard comes in the wake they produce can devastate a good shiny topside. There's also some 'orrible tyres to contend with is closely moored. All in all our decision was a good-un.
At midnight we unexpectedly discovered our recently repair fridge had lost all it's gas (again). So, the leak our local fridge-man found in Lakki is not the one causing us grief. For now I'm able to top-up again and plan permanent repairs at later date. Fed-up yes although nonelegitimusincarburundum always applies. Few emails gone off to get the ball rolling.
Yesterday we hired a little car. We visited St John's cave then the monastery. The cave (actually a cave within a church) was bit busy so we got ahead of the crowds, all who had been deposited by coaches) and thereby enjoyed visiting the monastery almost all to ourselves. We then did a 360º tour of the whole island covering no less than 37km, visiting lots different bays and coves and enjoying a lovely traditional Greek lunch 2½km away. We ate enough at 2 o'clock not to want anything else in the evening. Just as well because Fedex informed me our new watermaker motor couldn't be delivered and it took no less than 3 hours to get emails off to our friend Carl and hey-presto, it was delivered early this morning.
Plenty washing done today plus a visit on foot around the local town. Our 'light' lunch turned out to be bit too much so 2 x ½ cheese pies came back to the yacht with us. We decided we'd have a ½ of ½ of one this afternoon. Not a good idea 'cause the cheese pie had set like 'heavy cake' and that's being polite to the baker. Just a G&T for now 'till we go to local taverna to eat and watch Liverpool tonight on their TV. They've promised us seats immediately in front of their telly, good eh?
Instead of trying to demolish the remnants of the nasty cheese-pie (cake) we had couple beers and watch the incoming yacht berth, or some of them try to. A 50ft Bavaria with about 8 blokes on-board flying union jack provided the best entertainment. After several aborted attempts I went to visit and saw a flobby Italian gesticulating wildly and shouting orders from the quay. He said he was from the charter company. Having observed they had entirely failed to get their hook-in I thought their continued efforts were being wasted to I quietly took the ranting Musolini's look-a-like to one side and mentioned their lack of anchor holding. He did calm down so my words of wisdom did have a positive effect. After several more wasteful minutes he eventually sorted them going back out and starting all over again. They finally made it, at their final attempt.
We've ordered waterman for tomorrow morning and then expect to get underway by mid-morning. Might get bit of a sail for next 40NM or so. We'll decide which island according to best wind angle in general direction towards the west. We've got about 200NM to do over the next week-10 days so should be able to enjoy plenty stop-overs on several different islands and shouldn't need to take more water until we can resume making our own again.

Patmos - St Johns Cave

Patmos - monastery

Patmos - windmills

Happy Birthday to Freya (tomorrow) xxx