Day 6 gone and continuing towards Flores, Azores 37:10N 049:37W

Sue & Alan
Thu 22 May 2014 14:55
Start of day 7 Thursday 22nd May 2014.
In position 37:10N 049:37W COG 030(T) SOG 6kn sailing full genoa & mainsl quite nicely. Wind W F3-4 1½m seas & sunny but cool'ish.
Flores, Azores is 076º(T) 878NM Dist Run by log in last 24 hours 135NM Dist made good towards Flores 124NM.

Sailed up until 0140 in early hours of this morning, skirting what we believe is the southern part of casualty Cheeki Rafiki search zones. Nothing whatsoever seen. In dark impossible to see anything unless lit-up and close enough because heavy cloud base, lots squalls and poor visibility in the rain.
Hat's off to Annie for doing us really good chicken chow mein lunch yesterday whilst in very bumpy seas. Even 'attempted' to hove-to at the time but that only helped a little whilst cooking and scoffing. Ticketeeboo still wanted to sail at 5kn when hove-to! When sails away & on donk boy are we rolling about or what?
Mike put me on the shake an hour early due to squally winds then only just made it to the bucket for a good throw-up session. Guess he must have been enjoying himself big style because he was making a lorra noise and splashing sounds at the time. (The splashing noise later disclosed as Mike's wifi earphones, which fell into his bucket of fresh warm puke and therefore needing him to recover them and wash-off smartly!) Looking like shit I sent him to bed early. Confucius say "watchkeeper not so good with 'ed in bucket!" Mike's last words before going horizontal were "I'll do an extra hour for yeah tomorrow" .......... then disappeared, first into the heads then into the pullman cabin. PS Me thinks there's plenty carrots in that one too! Then made myself nice mug of Ovaltine to sup slowly at start of watch before putting watermaker on then putting a wash on too. Cabins look like sudo-chinese laundry (is that politically wrong nowadays?). Folded everything up for Annie & Mike - except th
eir knickers.
Not a lorra sleep whilst on the donk because of the rock & rolling about when poles are bare of sails. Up this morning 0730 and under sail in light W'ly wind making NE reaching 7kn at times on full genoa & mainsl. Presently heading more N'ly than we want (for Flores) but closer to casualty Cheeki Rafiti's last known position. In any event we're better sailing, calmer movements on board 'all round' and steady as she goes - 'Oooh-aaaaaarrrrr Cap'n!
As noon approaches in these waters we have almost clear skies, fresh breeze from W and relatively calm seas and Ticketeeboo is so much calmer sailing like this than rock 'n rolling on donk!
Hope Sue enjoys afternoon entertaining youngest of our Grandchildren, F & T xxxxxxxx

Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 22/05/2014 14:50 UT our position was 37°09.59'N 049°37.62'W