Las Palmas, Gran Canaria 28:07.8N 15:25.4W

Sue & Alan
Sun 3 Nov 2013 22:09
Arrived here mid afternoon yesterday after an excellent, although very
lively sail and one of the best daysails having sailed speedily for
more than 7 hours. In response Sue said "One hour was too much!".
Nevertheless a lovely energetic sail with neither of us wanting to
spend too long down below.
With little or no chance of getting into Las Palmas Marina, which
looks totally 'ARC'ed-out' and reading there's no staff in the
afternoons at weekends we had already decided to drop our hook just N
of the marina. When we dropped in NE4-5, which was fine. We were just
outside the congested area with loads of room to swing so we put lots
chain out in 15m depth. No problem and settled down for a pleasant
afternoon and overnight. Surprise, surprise, because at 0300 wind
veered to SE and strengthened (and now the swell gets in too) so here
goes another anchor-watch and not a lorra ZZZZZZs to be had!
This morning we tried calling Las Palmas Marina to see if we could get
a berth for 2 or 3 nights (before the remaining ARC boats arrive). In
our opinion the marina person we spoke to and met when we went ashore
is distinctly disinterested and unhelpful' which means we're looking
forward to moving-on where we can expect better attitude. I mentioned
going ashore. Really we knew this was not our brightest idea of the
day when we realised we might get wet. Not overstating anything, we
got soaked. Sue was not a happy bunny at the time. It was a wasted
experience because at the marina office the 'man who greeted us'
simply opened the locked door and pointed to the sign saying they are
not open on weekends! It's not worth repeating our opinion because we
were too soaked to give a dam anyway by then! Back to the yacht,
change of clothes and washing machine on.
All things considered, it is very pleasant to be on the hook. Whilst
we will always prefer somewhere completely peaceful, clean water, well
protected from wind, waves and swell, being on hook here is serving a
purpose for us for now............... and it's raining too tonight!