7 days completed and 1 to go, towards Ria de Muros 42:26N 011:34W

Sue & Alan
Sat 12 Jul 2014 11:00
Start of day 8 Noon on Saturday 12th July 2014.

The last 24 hours has been our best run 'made-good' so we are naturally delighted to save this until now. It's rewarding and makes us both smile. Very uplifting too. Ee've logged 144NM, are now 133NM closer to our destination, which is 115NM due E of us and closing. ETA around mid-day tomorrow.
Skies remain totally overcast for almost all of the time. When the sun or moon shows up its the exception for now. Seas remain big'ish. Probably now averaging bit less than 2m although every now and then we take a 'big'un'. Whilst not a surprise we certainly know about it at the time. Onc such incident happened earlier this morning when changing watches. Sue was in process of vacating the nav-seat and I was putting generator on and we were both chatting then suddenly 'bang' and 'whoosh' and 'an expletive remark' from Sue. It all happened in an incident. Sue's jammed on the floor between our nav-seat and stairway. Fortunately her next remark was a humorous one to my relief, and hers. No good saying 'be careful' after a 'big-un' has already taken us by surprise. Just helps us to try and remember to be careful as possible in the semi-dark and during the day. Whilst the golden rule "One hand for me and one hand for the yacht" should always be followed, even when doing so there can still
be the unfortunate nasty surprise to come.
We're making really good progress again. We need to make 15NM to N during 110NM of open ocean before entering estuary of Ria de Muros. This means we need a COG of 72º(T) or less otherwise we have to resume tacking or drive into wind on the donk. Fortunately and as expected, the NNE'ly wind had backed little further and we're making COG 72º(T), which is delighting us. The idea is to get several miles even further N so that we are able to change from close-hauling to at least close-reaching for our last few hours, just in case the wind is at it's strongest as we near to land. Finisterre has a fearsome reputation and we're not wanting to test ourselves either!

Pleased to receive emails from Jennifer and one from her hubby Paul - our most reliable weather watchman. I am guessing they both decided to write and send before going to bed yesterday evening? Thank you P&J xxxxx