'One Tree Bay, just E of Vathi Vali - Greece mainland

Sue & Alan
Wed 3 Jun 2015 11:08
Well it's a few days since last posting so I guess time for an update? We've been enjoying pottering about, sometimes spending 2 or 3 days, hook in dirt, in bays where we've been catching-up with some R&R. Very good it's been too. Not been eating ashore much because we've quite a lot of grub to get through before catching silverbird home. We donked a whole 6NM from Ormos Vlikho to here today .... a passage taking almost an hour! Absence of any wind greater than 2kn means we made full use of our donk and left sails untouched. We enjoyed just 2 nights in Vlikho. Could easily have been more except we're now conscious of wanting to be closer towards Preveza for the weekend. Vlikho is the first place where we recognised needing to re-attach our mozzie net (our anti-mozzie net' around and over our bunk. This was done 2nd day and only after Sue spent first part of the 1st night scratching and scratching and scratching. At the time, I only remotely enquired "What is it you are doing?" to be
told by Sue next morning "It's the way you said it!!!". So, last night we were mozzie-protected, save for one thing........... I spent the first 15 minutes with fly-swat in hand killin' the little buggers, which were already encamped on our side of the anti-mozzie net! I must have got 'em all because Sue and I had no similar exchanges as occurred night before!
Before Vlikho we had three lovely nights in Fokki Bay (actually called Ormos Palaiokaravo, a mile or so S of Fiskardho, where we met up with s/y Condor for second time. Robert and Vinni kindly offered to take our long-line ashore (saving us the work) On second day a very discourteous imbecile decided to go sterns-to on long line very close, astern and down-wind of us. Then the wind changed, we ended-up wrong-side of them. This meant when they wanted to depart they couldn't because we were well and truly over their anchor! I described them as discourteous because when I asked why they positioned themselves adversely close to us they said we should have used a shorter long-line! Pity excuse when there is tons of vacant space where they could have dropped their hook and put long-lines ashore. Sure enough, in the afternoon the wind blew harder and when it was time to go we had no alternative other than to depart where we were fastened to dirt, let the sods go elsewhere, then re-moor for
the night. With a bay now free of imbeciles we were now able to choose an even better place to drop hook and tie long-line ashore where we enjoyed another couple of nights. Whilst doing so, another Discovery 55, s/y Talia sailed by Godfrey & Evelyn. After helping them with their shore-lines we enjoyed some drinks in their company and swapped experiences. Unsurprisingly, some issues have been common to both yachts although some issues different. Talia benefits from Evelyn being paid crew and is spectacularly shiny!!!
One Tree Bay is a lovely spot. We recall enjoying a 'Sailing Holidays' flotilla BBQ here in 2002, as well a 'live-a-boards' BBQ here in 2006, when we were sailing SusieD. Just a pity there can be so many soddin' pesterin' flies! So it's almost paradise?
Lots of love and closing-in on cuddles for R,S,M & T and J,F,S & S xxx
PS Nearly forgot.......... a wonderful lump of frozen Ticketeeboo-tuna is on galley work-surface so guess what we're gonna munch our way through tonight?
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