Sivoto, Nisos Lefkas. 38:37.3N 20:41.0E

Sue & Alan
Wed 5 Sep 2012 14:00
Swinging on hook for a few days in the company of s/y Stratagem (Sandra & Ray) who are on hook about 50m away. When anyone drops too close to us I ask them to re-anchor closer to Stratagem!  Donked here yesterday and enjoyed good evening on board, joined by S&R. One aft shower sump pump NFU, now replaced, together with a new float switch (in place of the troublesome electronic gizmo No.5. Also now replaced our 10mm genoa furling line with a new 8mm dynema. If the genoa furler drum fills up now only choice left is to replace our Selden 300S furler drum with an electric motor because we've tried just about everything else over the last 3 years. All in all a pretty successful couple of days catching up with jobs between smoke'os.
Being in sunshine and 32C is quite lovely again.