Ormos Peristera, Nisos Peristera 39:10.25N 23:58.12E

Sue & Alan
Sat 24 Sep 2016 17:12
Came in here yesterday. A whole 5NM passage from Alonisos. Didn't take very long on the donk. We were the only yacht visiting here and enjoyed the whole night 'yacht-alone'. Very peaceful, very dark and we enjoyed the experience. Deciding to have 2 nights here it didn't take much to settle into the swing of things. Towards mid afternoon tody, a Sailing Holidays yacht arrived. Sue guessed right. Now we have 11 Sailing Holidays yachts rafted on the beach. There quiet an plenty distance away so not a problem. Same flotilla we#ve met couple time during last week. We also have a couple CATs nearby. On in front and one behind. The one in front is too close but having just checked weather prospects there's unlikely to be a problem. T'other CAT was also preparing to drop in front until I told him where our hook is and he ended up dropping astern of us. From past experience, CATs can be bit of a PITA when they decide to drop their hook too close.

The pic was taken yesterday, when we decided to put RIB in water and go for a wee poodle round the bay. xxx

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