On the water once again. Kilada. 37:24.9N 23:08.1E

Sue & Alan
Sat 21 Apr 2018 08:51
The 'usual' 3 hour drive, Athens to Kilada, was pleasantly quiet. It would be, arriving Kilada at half one in the morning. We could do without that although there's often a price to pay when choosing low cost Squeezy-jet. 
First surprise next morning - sliding washboard counter-spring broken itself over winter. We now have singularly indefying gouge to remind us in future. New spring fitted then it was down to the real jobs and have Ticketeeboo ready for launching following morning. 
On hook in 2.3m water and 30m chain out swinging nicely. Bit blowy so not wanting to fit genoa and jibsl just yet. There's other jobs to keep us busy anyway. A winter on the hard does mean there's plenty cleaning needed, again and again. Could be ready to go sailing Sunday or Monday? We've plenty beer and wine and food to accompany it so little need to rush anywhere for now.