Ormos Planitis, Nisos Kira Panayia 39:20.71N 24:04.73E

Sue & Alan
Tue 27 Sep 2016 17:13
Came here couple days ago and this place is one of those magical anchorages to dream about.
The entrance is relatively narrow, say 50-60m with depths of 6m. It's open to the N and with a Meltimi blowing expect it could be bit scary getting in/out. We're lucky to have relatively light NE winds these past few days so no such daring needed. Once inside the entrance there's choice of two lagoons. We chose the E lagoon and the half dozen others who's arrived since us, for most once they get eyeball on us (plonked in the middle) seem to prefer the S lagoon. There's some small visiting fishing boats coming and going from time to time, even overnight, although tonight it looks like we might have the place entirely by ourselves. We've had two of the most peaceful nights possible so far and expecting same tonight (touch wood).
We haven't bothered visiting the island because there's only the odd goat for company. We're beginning to run out of fresh veg and fruit so intend making exit in morning, heading towards Nisos Skantzoura, to SE of us.
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