On hook Pedi, Symi 36:36.8N 27:51.4E

Sue & Alan
Sun 24 Apr 2016 08:32
Couple days ago we moved from Panomitis towards Pedi - a whole 10NM round to the other side of Symi. When we first dropped hook we were only visiting yacht to do so. Tons of space so we could pick our spot without concern of other yachts close by.  Yesterday we took bus to Symi Harbour and visited 'best butcheress in the Aegean' as well the local mobile phone shop (for Greek internet SIM), local supermarket (who agreed to deliver all 4 x 24 cases beer, 6 x 6 cases water and 5 x 5L boxes of vino. At first we arranged a 5pm delivery. In meantime we enjoyed a scrummy mid-day dinner (lunch for posh-eds) and went back to the supermarket saying "If you wanna deliver now we can come with yeah!" The expected ageing 1T pickup arrived, we loaded it up and Sue & I climbed into the back ready for the off. Showing a look of disbelief the driver said we would be better in the cab with him. Like a real gentleman I let Sue get in first - needing Sue to sit almost sides-to the gear lever, for fear of accidental gear-shifting!!! Needless to say we only just managed to fill the rib with all our shopping and us. A grand day out by all experiences and so different to going shoppin in UK.
Worth pointing out, we don't usually by bottled water. Unfortunately we do for time being 'cause our soddin super-reliable/specially kindly nursed watermaker has gone AWOL. We had only just returned it into service whilst in Panomitis when the soddin thing packed-in. First I thought pump seized so did lorra excavation work to get pump off and dismantle. Pump is fine and now reassembled after thorough inspection. No service parts on board so that's a job for the future maybe? The single phase electric motor is another matter. No info on it so emailed good friend Paul in UK using SSB email. Next day we came here and thank Sue for super internet access. When Sue did wifi search the local taverna appeared as a secure wifi. Sue says "I'll see if 'pedi2016' works as the password" and hey presto we have a genius on board! So we have free quality wifi whilst we're visiting here on hook.

The weather has been mostly good these past 2 weeks and we're likely to be here another few days. There's new quay on W-side of the bay, which some of the locals are referring to as the 'new marina'. It's basically a quay and has both water & electricity available. Cat & couple yachts presently tied to it, two lazy-buggers sides-to taking much space as they can. We ain't bothered 'cause we like swinging - except newcomers wanna swing too soddin close, even when there's tons space without needing to be so soddin close! You know what it like? The nearest being a Cat from Istanbul. They left it to eat ashore and we thought it was draggin' closer to us. When they returned (after dark) I had friendly word, they took up few meters chain then said "You OK now" to which I replied "We'll be just fine provided you'se are doing a night watch!" Wanting to be friendly we 'engaged' little more 'cause it's always best to get-on well with neighbours? Before going horizontal Sue said that she thought they had gone to bed. I went to our bow to secure couple bow fender pear-drops and was surprised by the voice from in the dark "Are you OK with that?" Figuring my best response "OK until the wind gets up again. Have a good night." When promised winds are helpful we're intending heading little further W & N over next 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Specially Astipalia, Arki &  Patmos await our presence.