Roseau, Dominica 15:16.96N 061:22.56W

Sue & Alan
Sat 22 Feb 2014 19:02
On hook for the night after a splendid 40NM sailing, mostly close reaching in E'ly F5-F6 for 6 hours, averaging 7kn, max just over 9kn, on gibsl & 2-reef main. The odd waves waves giving cockpit a soaking from time to time. Sue very happy all the way although only going for a pee after we had cleared S-end of Dominica (Scotts Head) with the land-mass then protecting us from the 2-3m swell! A most enjoyable and excellent sail and settled on hook before 1300 means we can enjoy lunch as well a pleasant afternoon. Intending to stay on board, not check-in and move on towards Portsmouth Bay (NE end Dominica) tomorrow. As closed-in we could see several yachts on mooring buoys, as well a few on the hook. Our preference being to use our own hook we made for a space without mooring buoys. A hundred metres or so before we were ready to drop a boat-buoy came hurdling towards our stern wanting us to go on a mooring buoy. He was not happy to see our hook dig-in well and settle! I know it's tough i
f you've got moorings and want yachts to go on them to earn some dosh. It's just that for us, anchoring can be very simple and when we can this is our preference so we do! Being 25T'ish we know we can rely on our hook when we are well dug-in. Whereas, boat-buoys wanna put yachts on mooring buoys and we don't know how reliable because we don't know what's underneath and they don't seem to bother how heavy we are in comparison with many other less meaty yachts. He shouted to me "Why not go on a mooring buoy? It's very deep!" In response, we have 100m chain and can put it all out if we have to!
Hope Jennifer is having a good Birthday xxxxxx
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At 22/02/2014 18:57 UT our position was 15°16.96'N 061°22.56'W