Ormos Ammou, South end of Nisos Othoni 39:50.3N 19:24.3E

Sue & Alan
Sat 29 Sep 2012 14:04
On hook for the night (hopefully)! No sailing today. Very calm conditions. Bit of a boulder field here so have put an anchor buoy out just in case we snag on one of the boulders. Mustr remember to look for it and make sure we haven't snagged it with our rudder during the night (memories of when we once anchored off N Cyprus and I cocked-up!)
Very pretty place, one other Brit yacht already on hook here and another Brit yacht followed me in. Loads of room so plenty of swinging space. My intention is to be in bed early'ish tonight and get an early start tomorrow before sunrise. Hence I've dropped the hook a little further out than our friends have. They've probably got sand as well?
Water temperature is nearly 28ºC and there's only 3 kts of wind and it's 31ºC without being in the sun, so I'm gonna have a nice swim before I start cooking. Not really cooking because My Lover has prepared me some scrummy meals, which are in the freezer.
Sue should be almost home now so I guess will be looking on computer very soon? In anticipation of your safe arrival................ Have a good evening My Lover xxxxxxx

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