Poros 37:30.27N 23:27.05E

Sue & Alan
Wed 19 Sep 2018 15:24
Good 5 hours sailing today. Ormos Dardiza  was good choice for some fairly robust N'ly winds. Sitting in 5-8m depths with 70m chain out is good for our soul! 
We moved on towards Poros today because it's too easy to get over-comfortable. We were promised N winds. Almost. We saw NW to E at different times, although never much more than 25kn.  Being close-hauled and close to winds, which veer and back with little notice makes for wanting to give the autopilot a rest. It was good fun. Whilst well reefed our average 5kn boat speed was just fine..... even though we did achieve almost 9kn on some occasions. 
Now on hook, Navy Bay, Poros. Not best place in the world, plenty others and 16m depths. Nevertheless Davy Jones has good grip on our hook and we're handy for Poros, tavernas and shops.
............almost ready for Jessie and David to join us here. xxx

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