Towards Ormos Zakynthos in position 37:41N 21:11E

Sue & Alan
Thu 24 May 2012 12:10
Katakolon is a very good place to drop hooh because there's tons of
swinging room in 5m depths and the bottom is thick sticky mud,as
whitnessed by my beef wellington encased anchor this morning. Even if
on a lee shore with big winds I would feel quite safe with the hook in
at Katakolon. When ashore this morning to try again for Vodafone or
Cosmote dongle. No problems he me thinks, there's a figgin big cruise
liner in called Zeneth, with thousands of pazziesbeing deposited
ashore so I am sure to get me dongle. No phone shop in the place at
all! This dongle is getting like rockin'orse sh1t.Tons of people. All
eyetie's being geeted and almost acusted by the local entrepiners
outside their different types of touristy gift shops. Wondurful
culture and obviously typical Greece - not! After a stoll up and down
the non-phone shop high street it's back to Ticketeeboo for a relative
short pssage of about 25m.
Everything is wet or damp on dect and in cockpit today because at six
this morning there was another big thunderstorm dishing out so much
rain it was like being in ral thick fog. I was quite pleased because
this means I don't need to wash the boat now because she's nolonger
covered in salt. Quite a delight!
It took a while for the sun to show. There's lots of clouds again,
like yesterday and outside temperature is barely in the 20s. It's
about time the weather settled again. If it doesn't Robert will be
less than pleased when he gets to s/y Condor on Sunday in Preveza to
do repairs and get her ready to sail before Collette joins him the
following week.
Towards end of this little leg Ticketeeboo crosses into North Ionian
again, just!
Only 10 more sleeps before we together aiain My Love xxxxxxxxx