Porto das Lajes, Ihla das Flores, Azores 39:22.8N 31:10.0W

Sue & Alan
Fri 30 May 2014 18:21
Here we are today after a lorra rain yesterday......... and it's much improved! Desperate measures to ensure freshly washed bedding was dry enough for bedtimes.... drier put to good use because no chance of putting anything out on outside lines. Obligatory 8 hours kip overnight, despite waking up after three hours, needing to get used to possibility of full night's sleep again.
Pleasantly dry this morning so straight after breakfast up the mast to inspect our port-side upper V1 shroud wire terminal. What I saw was sincerely disheartening. Five or more of the 19 wires, which make-up our 19mm shroud are totally goosed. Even if it's only 5 gone out of 19 that's almost 1/3 the strength gone and as near as I ever wanna get to a complete rig failure. Until such time as we can inspect more closely lets say "We are lucky I spotted it before something nasty happened" or "Unfortunate we were not better informed of this possibility at a timely opportunity?". To make me even less happy, when I checked our stb'd-side upper V1 shroud wire terminal, I found at least two 'broken' wires. I am not the happiest Discovery 55 owner today. I have taken the opportunity to add additional supports to make sure we are safe to proceed from here towards Horta on Sunday. We hope to fix the problem there, with the help of Mid Atlantic Yacht Service.
Late morning Annie, Mike & I went ashore. Absolutely delightful place. Very quiet and lovely to visit. Very clean. Very friendly locals. Found the shop and topped-up few things and enjoyed lunch in local bar/restaurant. Going ashore this evening to visit the other restaurant! harbour master and port police exceptionally friendly too. Delightful experience. Hiring car tomorrow because that'll be easier to get us round the whole island, which is 10km long N-S and almost half as wide. Didn't bother lifting heavy 10ho outboard onto RIB. Decided to use reserve 3½hp 2-stroke this time instead. Wonderful little engine. £200 on Ebay and like new. Can even lift it with one hand. Why did I go for a bloomin heavy engine in first place?
Seems odd not being on the move. Perhaps I'll start gettin' used to it sooooooooon? Just wish Sue with me now to enjoy ambience of this beautiful island. Be together soon though.