Esenada de Santa Euginia de Riveria 42:33.89N 008:59.01W

Sue & Alan
Tue 22 Jul 2014 13:45
At midnight last night the wind was up to 15kn and because it was from the E this put us on a lee-shore. Steady wind and not swinging too much our hook was sound. Unfortunately at 0300 the wind was not topping 20kn and the sea-state was becoming lively. No hesitation, time to go whilst we were still in control of our decision making! Took us just 2 hours 'hook-to-hook'. Our approach to this bay saw the wind progressively reduce and by time we were settled it was less than 5kn. What a pleasant surprise. Another cuppa tea and time to resume horizontal conditions. Slept until 10 so our 2 hour underway interlude hadn't spoilt an otherwise very pleasant nights sleep!!!
Been ashore and under threat of being hung, drawn & quartered (both of us with each other) this morning we limited our supermarket shop  to bare essentials because we can only eat so much foodstuffs before we silverbird it home in less than 3 weeks. Hence we have restocked our supply of Galicia white wines and a few more intangibles costing just over €50. Pretty disciplined shopping for us two!  There's some stronger N'ly winds due later this week so our hook-overs will need to be mostly on the N'rn side of the Rias so as to avoid any more lee-shores & interlude sleeps. In these parts N'ly winds are associated with heat-lows over the landmass so we're expecting sunshine & high 20º's for next week or so. T'will be wonderful if the sea temperature can temporary match it too?