Nisos Paros - Ormos Plastria 37:07.4N 25:13.6E

Sue & Alan
Sat 21 May 2016 06:38
Pleasant enough place to drop hook with plenty space and protection from the forecast SE overnight winds. Mud might be bit soft so worth watching if wind gets up. Another of Sue's supa-nosh for tea (dinner for poshies) followed by episodes 3 & 4 of Game of Thrones series 1 then bed. Awoke this morning to strong and strengthening windies. SE gales now forecast.
Whilst enjoying breakfast checked Met area forecasts as well latest gribs. Talked through our stratagem then with all preparations done it's up hook and away.
Now underway heading for E coast Nisos Kithnos, about 50NM to our WNW. Just little bit genoa out, port tack very broad reaching mostly up to 8kn (little more and 10kn just now & then!). It's supa-sailing. Just took biggish wave on port qtr - big sploosh the Sue says "Lovely".  ((interlude). Windies now gusting up to 45kn so genoa reduced again). Seed now a more pleasant 6kn, which is plenty fast in these conditions and 'steady as she goes'. The only way to be underway in these conditions is the way we're heading, which is just fine.