Vithion (Githion) Lakonika Gulf 36:45.3N 22:34.3E

Sue & Alan
Thu 5 Oct 2017 08:00
Couple nights on hook between Nisos Kranari and Vithion town. Very pleasant being just 100m or so from the shoreline and tavernas. Yesterday we did a shopping top-up, mostly for fresh veg and fruit from local supermarket, plus our usual desire for a scrummy cappuccino freddo and visit to local bakery before returning to Ticketeeboo for the afternoon. Originally intending to eat ashore mid-afternòon. This changed when the fresh bread decided to force its way into us. So it was changed plans in favour of having a tasty lunch on board and evening meal ashore, returning in the dark. We had the best fish soup in a taverna where the locals go, always a good sign.
We've already decided to spend another day here, possibly two if it piddles down tomorrow (forecast). We're pretty close to Kranai (which actually is attached to mainland with a breakwater/causeway) where there is a ruin fort and a decent lighthouse. An Americal couple stopped to talk yesterday and the lady said the Nazis imprisoned her Father on the island during WW2 so maybe there's more to see? Kranai is also the island mentioned by Holmer, where Paris had his wicked way with Helen....... resulting in the siege of Troy. 
Vithion is the biggest town we've seen in these parts. During daytime and early evening there's constant trickle of cars on nearby coast road. Sparta is 30m or so inland so maybe that's significant. 
Can smell the suncream going on Sue so it's almost time to do some more exploring.

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