Just another update

Sue & Alan
Sun 24 Apr 2016 16:06
Whilst getting my dive gear ready and making a brew Sue says "Why don't we go over there and go alongside then we can have free electricity & water and I can get off the yacht and go for a bike ride?" OK, that's a good plan, there's plenty space for us to go sides-to and sample a slightly different local ambience. Finish brew then up hook and an incredibly hard 0.5NM passage for today. Must be the shortest passage we've done?
The new quay forms the breakwater for the local's fishing harbour and there are plenty mooring rings, as well electricity and water outlet kiosks. Unfortunately the electricity and water is off so we're back to plan A for getting water from Symi fuel station when we depart here.In meantime we've plenty to keep us clean and thirst-free.
Lunch comes and goes, then some passing Kiwi's (s/y Slam Dunk) stopped for a chat. Then it's almost 4 o'clock and time to get in the water, weights and all. SCUBA is for mugs so that's why I do it. Weight-training is now't compared to putting weights all over yeah back and then going swimming in cold water. 19ºC is cold! It's a shock to my system and the first splash is just terrific. Fortunately, after 2 or 3 minutes the main item's shrivelled-up as the body goes into self-preservation mode to protect core temperature. The prop cleaned-up well and was surprisingly free to fold and unfold. Maybe doing a lorra donking these past few days loosened it up a bit? The propshaft cleaned-up bright and clean too and the prop anode still has plenty of meat on it. Next job was clean the beasties off the hull. That was a much more assertive effort 'cause there's a lorra hull down there where the fishies meet and eat. I needed a couple of rests 'cause it's not easy looking up when a couple of meters below the water. This seems to attract a lorra fluid at the back of the throat and having been sufferin' with caughiniteus these past 2 weeks it's an unhealthy experience and one to be missed. Next, moved on to the bowthruster. Bit fiddley to deal with in the water. Successful conclusion so now have 2 x clean impellers in place of 2 x colonised with nasties. We should now be able to use bowthruster without blowing 250 amp fuselink. Admittedly I only got to clean the for's half and a bit of the hull. After 2 hours working I didn't need a little voice to say "That'll do" because I was close to the point where I needed out now before I couldn't! Gofa-Sue was great help throughout and with the heavyweights and rest of the gear safely onboard I made my way below decks for a hot shower. This technique means I get to wash the cold pee from inside my wet-suit using hot soapy water as I takes it off. It's a wonderful relief to get warm in the shower. Once dry I could re-trace my wet footprints and wipe them away in one session. I think my core temperature is almost back to normal - 2 cups of tea later. Will sleep soundly tonight knowing these jobs (which I've successfully put on back burner until this afternoon) are now all done and dusted. After 2 cups tea and an hour after 6 o'clock it's gorra be time for first G&T of the day?
Yippee xxx