Esenada de Barra, Ria de Vigo 42:15.4N 008:50.4W

Sue & Alan
Sun 27 Jul 2014 19:12
Moved little further S yesterday, mostly on donk with just short
sailing last few miles. We chose to drop hook in NW corner, not
knowing we were just off a lovely nudist beach! Tasty food and views
t'hoot we were settled for the afternoon, evening and overnight. Or so
we thought? A wind change (not a lot either) and settled no less than
half hour when we noticed another yacht bearing down on us dragging
it's anchor with no persons on board. We prepared fenders, expecting
it's hook to catch on our chain thinking it's hull could end up on us?
Fortunately not! Immediate needs met, now I'm thinking it's safe for
me to leave Ticketeeboo and go sort someone else's problem when I
spotted a naked lady & bloke paddling their dinghy like billy-oh to
catch-up with their vagrant yacht. A pleasant series of waves and
'sorry' gesticulations then they were boarding their yacht and getting
it back under control. Two short-comings: one insufficient dangly bit
in the water and t'other insufficient dangly bit at the helm!!! We saw
no less then two more yachts drag in as well. Remarkable how people
can expect their yachts to stay where they want them to without
putting enough chain out? No collisions and when the wind reduced all
became well throughout the anchorage.
Awoke this morning to a soddin little dog barking on a fancy yacht,
which had anchored fairly close-by. Then later in the day the owners
abandoned the wretched thing 'dog alone on yacht' to bark freely &
howl' whilst they nuded their pleasure elsewhere. Ultimately we needed
to move, not because of the little noisy dog but because a great
sodden gullet-type boat came bellowing-in and dropped it's hook
close-by. Even with ear defenders on the noise was awful so we moved a
mile of so away. Now we're peacefully on hook again hoping for a quiet
evening and overnight. Pleasant dreams!!!