Full main & 2 reefed genoa close hauling 17:44N 42:50W

Sue & Alan
Mon 13 Jan 2014 14:43
After the early morning excitement we were able to sail stbd tack very-broad reaching for about five hours, then needing donkusonus until midday log. Now were enjoying the main out for first time since Tenerife, close reaching stbd tack with 2 reefs in the genoa. She feels wonderful 'tip-toeing' along cutting through the waves with grace at up to 7kn. In doing so we're diving southwards somewhat, with prospect of winds veering over next day or so, bringing us back towards Barbados. This being out tactics for now with the 'Law According to Gribus".
We're going for a light lunch today because we feel like it!

Distance to Barbados is now 1,014 NM (by 1400 Zulu/1600 UT we will have < 1,000 NM to go. In last 24 hours we have passed through 138 NM of water and shortened our distance to go by 134 NM. A jolly good performance when considering our energetic action during the night.

PS Ray says to Sandra "Get me out of here...... where's the soddin pate gone? It's somewhere in the freezer I know I puit it there! I think you're kidding me? Right! There is no pate in there..... I've had IT all aout and my hands are cold spending so much time in the dam freezer! Me fingers are all shrivelled up."
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At 13/01/2014 14:39 (utc) our position was 17°43.11'N 042°51.13'W