Poros and Medicane Zorbas

Sue & Alan
Sun 30 Sep 2018 13:32
I guessed we expected to be doing an anchor watch all night, last night..... and so it was. We'd been keeping beady eye on Medicane Zorbas predicted track as it moved NE from S Ionian, skirting S Peloponnese then further into the Aegean, using weather updates leading us to expect strong N winds veering E averaging F6-7 gusting 8 'till 21:00'ish, followed by relatively gentle E winds for maybe 3 hours, finishing with NW winds F6-7 gusting 8 overnight. This meant forecasts indicated Zorbas passing close by S of us.
In order of events, however, at about 22:00 our E winds died completely and within few minutes Ticketeeboo was pointing oposite way as the wind began to stir from the W, soon reaching F9 touching 10) for what seemed like couple of hours. Hence, Zorbas actually tracking close by N of us.

Our sub-100m chain was ideal until the exceptionally strong W wind surprised us. With boats dragging all around and very big seas coming in we had ourselves on lee-shore, backing into unlit yachts on buoys. I was able to use donk to keep us clear and it became obvious we needed to get 30-40m chain in locker and be prepared to get underway if we started to drag. Pitching hull, total darkness, almost 50kn wind, driving rain and sea-spray as well nearby others in severe difficulty getting too close....... served-up an unwanted feast. 
This morning we've relocated to get some R&R. No damage and Sue (having demonstrated wholehearted resilience during the worst of it all) has now acquired another sailing story to tell Grandchildren, which might get missed by my selective hearing deficiency?

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