Nisos Spetsai 37:16.6N 23:06.4E

Sue & Alan
Fri 25 Sep 2015 20:37
Update before bed!  Visited the cave before departing Koiladhia. Turns out the atrifacts date back to 40,000BC and not just 4,000BC as I first thought. Most impressed. Big cave and well presented for visitors .......... and entirely free. Short run again today, just 14NM and on hook Ormos Zoyioryia on NW coast. Pretty place and well protected from the present S'ly wind. Joined Eirene on hook and shared some more time in their good company, helping us to demolish some of our recent tuna catch. Quite a brisk 20kn wind at times this afternoon, tacking close-hauled into it (again).