Day 1 towards Flores, Azores 33:23N 062:29W

Sue & Alan
Sat 17 May 2014 15:05
Start of day 2
Noon, Saturday 17th May 2014.
In position 33:23N 062:29W COG 090(T) SOG varying 6.5kn close-hauled Wind N F3
Flores, Azores is 068º(T) 1,546NM Dist Run by log in last 25½ hours 138NM Dist made good towards Flores 125NM

Decent sailing up until 7 o'clock yesterday evening, followed by 13 hours on the donk overnight, during which we had light winds (<7kn) on the nose in blubbery rolling seas. Naturally, in those conditions it's easy to get round the yacht so everyone moves about as little as possible. We had multiple incoming DSC distress alarms in the early hours which we monitored for long enough to conclude 'now't in our area to be concerned with & mostly spurious alarms at that. I was soon back in the sack & making ZZZs.
Reasonably good signals on SSB this morning. s/y Rih Malti recovering from a second night of 40/45kn winds and making good progress now. Fortunately the two smelly devilish Lows, which are causing storm & gale conditions between us and Azores are far enough in front of us not to be causing us same problems. Indeed, we are just starting to use the nearest Low, which has brought us more N'ly winds helping us progress E'wards. Latest gribs indicate we should have between good winds with N'ly aspect for up to next 48 hours. That's good enough to help us progress perhaps 300NM under sail. In meantime we'll be keeping overall watch on what else might be developing in the way of Lows to W & E of us. This is certainly not trade-wind sailing in these parts.
Annie cunjured-up a lovely afternoon dinner yesterday, which we all enjoyed. We're having mail meal mid-day'ish and light snack in the evening. Unfortunately Annie was unable to keep her light snack inside last night although was up for her 0300-0600 watch no problem. We're all wearing extra layer now because daytime temperature is just getting up to 23ºC and going down to 20ºC overnight. Hence blanket on bed needed too. Alos, seawater temperature is down from 28ºC (Caribbean) to barely 20ºC these waters. No immediate prospect to go swimming then! We are putting-off moving clock forward an hour until about this time next week so that Annie can see sun come-up on her 0300-0600 watch. Makes sense because it's not getting dark now until 8 pm anyway and we start watches just an hour later.
Mike's just put squiddy out for a swim. Here's hoping we can have fresh fish soon?
2 more sleeps and Granddaughter Freya will be two years of age. Now that's gone quick. Wishing Freya a very happy Birthday with lots of fun over the weekend and on Monday. xxxxxxx to Freya
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 17/05/2014 11:16 UT our position was 33°23'N 062°29'W