Pavoa de Varzim (in the wind and rain) 41:22N 008:45W

Sue & Alan
Fri 19 Sep 2014 00:06
After very good warm dry days of late in UK, our Ryanscare flight into Porto was bit bumpy at times and rain was pouring down as we descended the aircraft steps. It continues to rain very hard and we're seeing winds gusting +30kn from the S. Fortunately, when we parked Ticketeeboo several weeks ago we put her bow to the S so wind and rain is on our nose. We have quite a swell within the marina and those yachts which have stern to S are moving about quite a lot. It took us several minutes to sort ourselves out before we were ready to get Sue safely on-board because the gap between finger pontoon and hull was up to a metre. This meant I hung onto Sue and timed her leap for the 'inswinger' so that the gap was less than her little legs can manage in the extreme. Snug on board, one cuppa tea and a Scottish shortcake later, now listening to BBC shipping forecast whilst awaiting early Scottish voting results.
First time we've hired a Fiat 500. Very small and rather pleasant for us. Fortunately our satnav is good and the talking lady doesn't shout when we make the odd wrong turn in the dark and rain!