Vathi, Ithaca 38:25N 20:42E

Sue & Alan
Sat 26 May 2012 13:06
Ticketeeboo did not move until three o'clock this afternoon. Why? Well when a Vodafone shop man says "All automatic" I should have known. Mt lapton must have installed umpteem drivers, every one of which implies the installation is perfect! The dongle seemed to be working OK. Problem I had was figuring out how to put the pre-paid credit on? Everything accompanying the dongle was in Greek and I thought I'd cracked it when I downloaded new instructions from the English part of the website? No, the pdf download is in Greek as well! Perseverance, which is another way of describing about four hours of frustratitive investigation found me on the page where I could enter a pre-paid card code. It wouldn't let me go any further though because all the page was not visible and it kept asking me to accept their terms, which I couldn't see on the page! More perseverance and a straight flush of unsuccessful attempts finally achieved the required HIT. Now I'm connected on 3G, yippee!!! It's good too. It's three o'clock and I'm now thinking shall I stay or move on? Only 15M towards Sivota so that will do me nicely and its 15M closer to Levkas, where I've arranged to have our genoa taken away for repair on Monday.
Email from s/y Sapphire (Kemer) - Chris busy polishing everything and John busy antifouling.
Email from s/y APlus 2. Christiane and Jean are in Galaxidhi and were able to greet Sandra & Ray whilst they were there as well. Will be meeting up with Christiane & Jean when they pass this way in next few days, as they make towards Far-Far-Away in Croatia.
Ticketeeboo also being picked-up shore-side AIS as we sail in into their range
The N Ionian is charter and flotilla waters but change-over day is usually Sunday. Hence at this time most will be in or close to their home base so this afternoon and tomorrow should be relatively quiet and if dead is more quiet than quiet - almost dead.
Had good chat with family Higgins last night and also lengthy good chat with My Lover, who I am looking forward to seeing and only nine more sleeps to go! xxxxxxxxxx