Work complete

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 13 Jan 2020 19:53
The hull new has a new coat of coppercoat.  Even the props have been coated.
Some people don’t bother sanding down the coppercoat to activate it.  You don’t have to go mad with the sanding, but as you can see here there is a big difference between the areas where the copper particles are exposed and where they are still embedded in resin.
The steering wheels had flakes of paint sloughing off, so they needed a fair amount of sanding to get a decent finish to the carbon fibre and mahogany.  I just used 2 cans of spray on varnish (from Ace’s hardware) on each wheel and they came up pretty well.
The steering on the outboard was totally seized up.  It took a couple of days (and a lot of hammering) to strip down but you can see why the steering bracket needed replacing.