To motor or not?

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 6 Dec 2011 09:47
14:19.3N 60:31.5W  2880 miles covered, 34 miles to go
Here we are, only 34 miles away from St Lucia, becalmed.  We are moving at 2 knots which give us 17 hours left to go.  Or we could turn on the engines and do it in three hours.  17 hours would make it 8:30PM St Lucia time.
Our decision so far has been to leave the motor off and sail the complete course.  Most other boats are motoring in which means that we are conceding arrival places (we would have been about 30th across the finish line had we motored in), but we will have the satisfaction of not motoring.  However, this decision is annoying Bertie who can smell the cocktails and just wants to get there.  I don't think anyone will be happy if we do not arrive this evening, so it may be we still have to motor in the end.
Andrea is using her psychic powers to direct any squalls in our direction, because they give us a much needed boost.  So far we have only had one, but that was apparently one of hers.  Anyway, at least she is no longer talking to the oven gloves.