Bat Out Of Hell

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 8 Jul 2012 19:48
19:17.9S 170:09.8E
Daniel likes to play rousing music through the cockpit speakers and yesterday we had the theme music from Lord of the Rings.  That led to a discussion on what music to play as we cross the finish line.  Given Anastasia's performance on this crossing, and our expectation that we will be surfing down the waves towards Vanuatu with its active volcano spewing smoke in the background, we are going with Andrea's nomination of Meat Loaf playing Bat out of Hell (although we will be singing it as "Cat out of Hell" on this occasion). 
The patched up genoa has held up really well.  It was essential for this leg, making the difference between having to sail at 8 knots with the small jib, or 10 knots with the big "code zero".  We have come close to Anastasia's personal best of 239 miles in a day.  The only reason we have not broken that record this time it is that we are being quite conservative with the sails, reefing at night to avoid any problems during the single handed watches.
Only 30 miles to go now.
Leaving Fiji for Vanuatu