Hakaui waterfall

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 8 Apr 2012 02:04
As you approach the waterfall you suddenly exit rainforest and come to a meadow of yellow flowers.
Bordered by sheer cliffs on either side.
Hard to capture on a camera, but looking back you can see the flower meadow and behind it the gap in the cliffs that we came though to get to the waterfall.
The water was a bit brown from eroding 350 metres of cliff face, but very refreshing nonetheless.  You could clamber over fallen rocks to get to a deep pool that led right up to the cascade.
There were some pesky crayfish in the water that started nibbling as soon as you stopped moving.  A bit disconcerting at times.
The route to the waterfall was marked with stone cairns along the way.  Andrea thought these two at the entrance to the waterfall were particularly artistic.