Highborne Cay

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 3 Jul 2013 21:07
24:42.7N 76:49.7W
Highborne Cay has one of the most beautiful marina bar/restaurants in the Bahamas.  It is on a hill overlooking the cut, so as well as the brilliant water colours you get interesting wave effects as the tide turns, plus the occasional passage of superyachts negotiating the sharp turn in the channel to enter the marina.
There was a big Barracuda (4 foot) hanging around under Anastasia all day.  The seagulls are really pesky at Highborne (obviously fed by people on holiday who don’t have to clean their boats afterwards), so perhaps the Barracuda was waiting for hand-outs as well.
When we set off for Nassau this morning we put out the fishing lines and caught another Barracuda.  Barracuda are notorious for carrying Ciguatera poison so we threw it back (when we finally managed to get the hook out of its mouth).
View from the marina bar
The big Barracuda under Anastasia (waiting for scraps?)
The smaller Barracuda that we caught en route today
The view you get when trying to take the hook out of its mouth