No beer till Thursday

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 19 Jun 2013 12:11
23:38.4N 74:50.3W
Wednesday is our wedding anniversary so the marina at Rum Cay seemed like a good place to come for dinner.  Our pilot book has a glowing description of the marina restaurant.  “You have wait until Gorda Sound in the BVIs to enjoy both meal and ambiance that meet their standard”.  Unfortunately the book was written a year ago.  Since then the marina went bust and closed down and there is no restaurant.
We went into town to look for somewhere else.  The (ex) marina manager told us there were a couple of bars and a restaurant, but nothing special.  He recommended the “Two Sisters” take away, where you could also eat in. 
It is eerie walking through a town in the middle of the day that is absolutely deserted, with rotting derelict vehicles scattered around.  Like being on the set of a post-apocalyptic movie. You start to wonder whether whatever caused the mass extinction of all human life might be coming to get you as well. 
We came to an ocean front bar with the door hanging open and went inside.  The bar was deserted, the pool table lying on its side.  A lady appeared from a back room.  We asked if we could have a beer, but the response was “No beer till Thursday”.  We sat and drank a coke on the beach.   
We found the “Two Sisters” about half a mile out of town under the big radio mast.  It was all locked up but a neighbour appeared and offered to phone them up for us.  Having come this far we were determined to get food of some kind so we accepted.  One of the sisters came and cooked us a late lunch of chicken and chips.  It was basic but nice.
Anyway, we are moving on earlier than planned to Cape Santa Maria on Long Island.  The web site looks nice ( but, following on from our experiences of Mayaguana and Rum Cays, I am guessing the resort was struck by a very localized Tsunami last week and they have not had time to update the site yet.  Perhaps this time we should phone and make a reservation.