Reunion to South Africa - Day 4

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 7 Nov 2012 17:21
27:04.5S  041:59.5E  870 miles covered, 540 to go
Andrea has been bored today, which means she oscillates between bursts of productivity, and bouts of craziness.  She took a walk around the deck looking for things that needed changing/fixing, finding some useful things but, more importantly, having fun waiting until I had settled down and then dragging me out once more to inspect something else.  She stooped to reading Estella's trashy magazines that Caroline (Peat Smoke) gave us before we left Reunion.  She spent some time moulding a bit of blue tack into little animal forms before finally sticking it to her nose and declaring she was a warty witch.
Bertie joined in the spirit of the day, declaring at dinner that his dessert (rice pudding and oranges) was making a noise.  He listened closely to it, while we all watched, wondering what was going on.  When quizzed on what it was, he said he didn't know because he doesn't speak Mandarin.
Right now the crew have cracked open the box of "Dino Hands", stick on hand puppets that we have carried with us from France ready for just such an occasion. 
Sailing?  Downwind with the parasailor up and the autohelm in control, it is more like travelling on a cruise liner than making our own intrepid way across the Indian Ocean.  Except on a cruise liner Andrea could probably find other diversions to keep her amused.
The tattered remnants of our mainsail clew