Brazil to Grenada - Day 5

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 13 Mar 2013 22:12
08:31N 055:52W  1304 miles covered, 412 to go
Another day, another 263 miles.  533 miles in two days.  We are out of the strong current (it is about 1 knot now) so the remainder of the trip will be slower, but we should still get in before sunset on Friday, all being well.  We now need to average 8.5 knots to get in at 18:00 Grenada time.
The wind has been very kind, both in strength and angle, and we are still quite close to Gunvor.   I had a chat with Karsten over VHF this evening, so we are within about 20 miles of them.  We exchanged positions and I calculate they are about 5 miles closer to the finish line.  We have agreed that the first person to arrive will buy drinks for the other boat, so at least we will get free drinks on arrival.  I was so convinced they would arrive first that I didn’t even think to argue that they should really be buying two rounds for us (we are three people and they are seven).