Approaching the reefs

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 10 Jun 2012 10:50
17:34.2S 177:40.3W  223 miles covered, 202 to go
The sky is overcast, the moon has not yet risen, there is no phosphorescence in our wake and so we are rushing through inky blackness, 50 miles from the group of reefs we have to pass through to get to Fiji.  We are aiming to get to the first reefs at first light and have furled the jib and put two reefs in the main to try and slow down.  However, the wind is gradually increasing (currently 25 knots) and we are still doing 7.5 knots.  At this speed we will be about 10 miles from the entrance to our chosen passage when the sun rises, which is fine provided we do not go any faster than this.
Our YellowBrick tracker has failed, so our position will not appear on the ARC website.  The tracker was full of rainwater and we brought it inside to try and dry it out, but it would not take a charge and is completely dead now.
The waves are confused and Estella was sick last night.  The rest of us were feeling rough today but managed to avoid being sick.