Another hike on Ilet a Cabrit

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 4 Dec 2015 15:00
Although the cruising guide indicates that there is some anchorage space at Cabrit, we found the usable space to be completely taken up by mooring balls and paid 12 euros to pick up a ball there.
It is still worth a visit for the hike, which is a gentle stroll along well marked trails.  It is not, as the cruising guide suggests, necessary to take your cutlass to make a path through the thorns.   There are good views from the fort across to the main island, Terre d’en Haut, but the main attraction of Cabrit has to be the proliferation of very cute baby goats.  Difficult to resist the temptation to adopt a “boat goat” 
The trails here are actually laid out and sign posted
You can just see the sugar loaf anchorage at the foot of Le Chameau, on the right of the picture
This was the youngest baby goat we came across.  Maybe a couple of days old.  The mother was nowhere to be seen.
It would have been easy to pop it into our backpack for dinner.