En route to Panama

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 20 Jan 2012 03:40
9:33.5N 79:39.9W 
We have to be in Panama tomorrow afternoon so today we sailed most of the way there, anchoring at Portobello, a once thriving town that is now just a small fishing village.  In the days of the Spanish exploitation of South America one third of all the riches gathered by the armadas passed through this port.  Now it is a ramshackle collection of houses around the old church.
Our first anchor spot was close to the town, but it felt unsafe, being within an easy swim of the town, and so we re-anchored on the other side of the bay.  Being robbed in Soufriere has made us suspicious whenever we see people hanging around the dinghy dock watching the comings and goings from the yachts. 
However, we ate at a restaurant that served good food at a reasonable price and the boat was not broken in to this time, so perhaps we are being too hard on this place.
When we got back to Anastasia I had a message on my phone from HSBC telling me that my debit card had been cloned.  The card has to be destroyed and I have to claim back the money they managed to spend from my account.  Is it just bad luck that we get robbed on multiple continents simultaneously, or is the whole world collapsing into anarchy?