Morro de Sao Paulo

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 19 Feb 2013 22:00
13:23.3S 038:56.1W
We spent two nights at anchor near Morro de Sao Paulo.  The only downside to the anchorage is that there is a stream of tourist boats that pass quite close by, but the location is beautiful and the town of Sao Paolo is worth a visit.  It is only accessible by boat and so it has tiled streets and porters that are continually moving people’s luggage around in wheelbarrows.  It is touristy but in a quaint way.  The beaches are fringed by reefs that block the waves and create warm pools of water for swimming.  
Sao Paulo also has a cliff with a land slide of supposedly therapeutic mud.  I am not convinced of the therapeutic properties but everybody got covered in mud just in case it made them look 20 years younger.  There was a Brazilian babe there who was slapping on the mud and Andrea reckoned she was really an old crone being kept young by the mud.
Another bar on another beach
Andrea reaping the benefits of the mud