Day 2 - Dolphins at dusk

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 22 Nov 2011 19:30
23:43.1N 020:05.4W
After the excitement of day 1, today there has been a welcome absence of equipment failure (touch wood).  We have had reasonable wind for most of the time but we are taking a more southerly route than most which means we have not made as much westward progress as the majority.  Our grib files tell us they will run out of wind soon.  We shall see. 
400 miles covered (about 1/7 of the distance) which would make for a 16.5 day crossing, although the winds look to be weakening over the next few days so we are not counting our chickens just yet.
Andrea changed the dressing on my finger and it still looks OK.
The fruit, which was carefully wrapped in kitchen roll, was already going mouldy so it has now been repacked in shower scrungy bags to keep it dry.  ( A shower scrungy turns unto a long tube of netting when unfurled).
We all had showers and made fresh water to refill the tanks.
And finally, after a day of seeing very little, we were visited by dolphins at dusk which spent a few minutes jumping through the waves around the boat.  Andrea is happy.