Andrea cooks

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 13 Nov 2011 01:43
28:07.333N 15:25.439W
Andrea has just cooked and frozen three meals ready for the crossing, which she says will be "nutritious and delicious".  I sorted out the boat and travel insurance and wrote a schedule for the watch system.  We can feel the departure deadline approaching now.
On difficult question is how much bottled water to take.  You should allow 2 litres per person per day, so for a conservative 20 day crossing we need to allow 200 litres.  If we assume we only drink bottled water then that is 130 bottles of water.  However, we have two 400 litre tanks, so provided we don't run them below half way before making more water then even if both watermakers fail we should still have drinking water for the crossing, even with no bottled water.  Of course there is always the chance that one watermaker fails and then the other breaks down spitting salt water into both tanks.  We can test for that by tasting the watermaker water between filling the first and second tank. 
In the end we are going to be ultra conservative and take 100 bottles, which when added to our store of juice and milk means we will actually have about 2 litres per person without using any watermaker water.
Still no sign of the wind instruments.