Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 21 Jul 2014 00:51
15:34.9N 61:27.9W
We stopped at Dominica last year but it was pouring with rain and we did not stay for long.  This time we spent a couple of days, taking an island tour and a trip up the Indian River.
The island tour we did in the company of “Four Coconuts” (David, Toutou, Maya and Tyler), which was fun.  We drove round the entire island, visiting waterfalls and hot springs and stopping at a Carib Indian stall to buy souvenirs.
Some of the waterfalls we visited were majestic torrents
and others were just an excuse to get wet.
One waterfall is at the end of a gorge.  You have to swim along the gorge to get to the falls.
I particularly enjoyed lazing in the hot springs.
The Indian River is perhaps most famous for being the site of the witches house from Pirates of the Caribbean
Johnny Depp gave them the stuffed kangaroo (so our guide said).
Also up the river we visited a plantation and picked papayas(above), mangos, guavas and passion fruits.