Serendipity is still with us

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 10 Jan 2012 17:23
13:38.8N 67:34.5W  392 miles covered
Serendipity is the white dot you can see on the horizon.  Nearly four hundred miles covered and there is still only a mile between us.  Neither of us is slowing down to let the other catch up so it must just be serendipity (you can blame Andrea for that one).
The trampoline is a good place for getting some sun, but Andrea is hard to please.  At our current speed (9 knots) there is apparently not enough spray coming up through the trampoline to keep her cool.  Never mind, we should be getting 22-25 knot winds from tomorrow night so there will be plenty of spray then.
Andrea made brioche in the breadmaker today and it is sitting on the draining board cooling off.  Time to go and eat it, I think.