Indian Ocean - Day 4

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 5 Oct 2012 13:15
14:02.4S 084:58.2E  715 miles covered, 1620 to go
Today dawned warm and bright and Andrea got to sit out in the sun for half an hour (although she said she was keeping her eyes closed because the waves were too scary).  Unfortunately that was the only sunshine we got, before it went back to the usual overcast day we are coming to expect of the Indian Ocean.  Having said that, it has not rained as much today so we are hoping the weather is gradually improving.
The wind and waves are both hitting us from our port side and it is a bit nerve racking when we get hit by a big wave and start a tailspin.  As a result we are taking a course that is more down the waves than across them, but that is pushing us more north of the rhumb line than I would like.  We should be able to make up for this later in the passage because as we approach Mauritius the wind should lighten up a bit (it is still 25 to 30 knots right now) and also back more easterly and the waves should rotate to match the wind.
Also we have been trimming our water load.  Anastasia has two water tanks, one in each hull, and they weigh about half a ton each when full.   The port tank (crew showers and washing up) was nearly empty and the starboard tank still nearly full.  (Not that Andrea and I don't take showers, you understand, just that we don't use hundreds of litres when we do.)    Anyway, we have filled the port water tank and Andrea and I had showers from the starboard tank to empty it some more.  Now there is an extra half ton of weight in the port hull, which should help a bit with stability.
One good way to get exercise on a boat is to take a shower in big waves.  Body tensed, knees flexed, you soap with one hand while doing one-arm pushups off the cubicle wall with the other.
Yet another big wave coming at us from behind