Wildlife in Isabela

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 27 Feb 2012 21:45
In Galapagos there are pelicans everywhere, but usually they fish off rocks.  This one decided that Anastasia's pushpit was a good place for dropping down on the fish below.  He doesn't seem to have any problems balancing on the rail with his webbed feet.
There were often penguins swimming around the anchorage, eating the little fish that are attracted to the yachts, but the penguins move so fast that it is surprisingly difficult to get a photo of them.  Finally Andrea managed to snap one this morning, as we were about to leave Isabela on our way to Santa Cruz.
But one of my lasting memories will be of this iguana on the "beach of love" (an iguana nesting beach). 
Enjoying the last of the sun's rays, this guy has clearly had a very good day.  You can't help smiling with him.