Indian Ocean - Day 1

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 2 Oct 2012 14:59
12:33.8S 095:34.9E  80 miles covered, 2240 to go
We were all sad to leave the beautiful islands of Cocos Keeling, despite it being rainy on our last day.  The start was fairly sedate, with winds of about 12 knots until we got away from the wind shadow of the atoll.  Then the wind gradually picked up until it was 18 to 22 knots and we were happily cruising along at 10 knots. 
Not for long.  At 8:30, just after dinner, there was a crack and the asymmetric spinnaker dropped into the water.  All hands on deck and we hauled it back onboard.  Fortunately it had not filled up with water so it was fairly easy to retrieve, we just got rather wet in the process. 
The spinnaker had not ripped this time, a steel cable at the head had snapped.  We should be able to get it flying again tomorrow.  Tonight we will just use the white sails.