Some pictures from the start

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 23 Nov 2011 18:30
22:22.6N 023:14.9W
Andrea made bacon sandwiches for breakfast and got another dolphin show as a reward.  This time there were a dozen "rather pretty speckled mummy and baby dolphins". 
We are heading further south, not just to "go south until the butter melts" but because the gribs say there will be problems with the wind further north. 
We have a new surfing speed record, 19 knots.  This was down a big roller in only 22 knots of wind, which meant the spinnaker collapsed, but being a Parasailor it reinflated straight away without stressing the material.
Here are some snaps Ian took of the start.
The committee vessel at the start line, with water cannon in the background.
A horizonfull of sails.
A spinnaker behind us.