Indian Ocean - Day 7

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 8 Oct 2012 10:30
15:56.5S 073:47.1E  1378 miles covered, 970 miles to go
Less than 1000 miles to go!  Daniel says he would walk the rest of the way.  Or, rather, he would walk 500 miles and he would walk 500 more ...
The waves are a bit more friendly today so we have changed to a single reef in the mainsail and we have sped up accordingly.  Our average speed is 9.2 knots overall, so now we only need to do about 8.1 knots for the rest of the way to arrive in time to clear customs and then take Andrea out for dinner on her birthday (the 13th).  The wind is expected to slacken off for a couple of days but it is still achievable.
Today's headline news item concerns provisioning.  It was to be Bertie's special scrambled eggs for lunch, but it turned out that all the eggs we got in Bali are bad.  So we decided to have beans instead but, horror of horrors, there was only one tin of Heinz beans in the cupboard.  Bertie and Estella had to have tomato chilli beans.
I have proposed that we introduce an emergency bean supply (to be kept alongside the emergency water supply) but various people don't see the gravity of a situation where we have completely run out of beans.
We are finding desiccated flying fish everywhere.  When they strike a hard object they shed a load of scales (a shedload?) and Andrea is having to sweep up flying fish scales from the cabin floor.