Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 16 Oct 2012 13:33
20:09.6S 57:29.8E
The wind picked up overnight and we arrived in Mauritius on Saturday at 13:00 local time, after 11 days and 5.5 hours at sea, averaging 209 miles per day overall.  In the end we had plenty of time to clear customs and go out for Andrea's birthday dinner at the Labourdonnais hotel. 
Coming into the harbour was interesting, passing by the Taiwanese fishing fleet and the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior on the way in.
18 ARC yachts are now in the small marina basin and it is quite a tight squeeze already.  Three yachts diverted to Rodriguez Island because they were worried about cyclone Anais.  Trompeta, the final yacht to come in before the storm, is due in tonight at around midnight.
Bertie and Estella admiring Port Louis as we enter the harbour
The Taiwanese fleet all rafted up.  Imagine trying to get to shore from the outermost boat.
Rainbow Warrior
The spinnaker block support up the mast. You can see the wear that resulted in the block breaking free.