Collecting Daniel from the airport

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 22 Dec 2011 16:30
13:43.42N 60:57.41W
Let's go offshore to get better wind, says Bertie.  So we head out a mile from Soufriere bay before turning south into a headwind gusting thirty knots with two meter waves.  There was a good reason why those other boats were hugging the shore.  Back into the shore and three hours of tacking later we were anchored in the bay at the south end of St Lucia, near to the airport.
Bertie, Estella and I set off in the dinghy, me to go and pick up Daniel and the others to buy lobsters.  I wandered through the town looking for a taxi, which had all, obviously, gone to the airport to already to meet the BA flight.  In the end I asked a van driver who had stopped by the side of the road whether he was going anywhere near the airport and he said he would run me over there for 10 EC (£2.50), which seemed like a bargain.  We went and picked Daniel up and, rather than having to switch to a taxi at the airport, our van driver ran us back to town for another 10 EC.  The others were already waiting in the dinghy, lobsterless, because the fish market co-op was already closed for the day and the locals are not allowed to sell fish except in the market.  Very unlike the rest of St :Lucia, where they will offer to sell you pretty much anything at any time of the day. 
We got back to the boat at about 3:45 for a quick rum punch and then cast off to return to Soufriere.